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Posted by: Kathy Fitchett Date: May 7, 2014

What Do You Buy The Man Who Has Everything?

David-and-Craig- Chinese Cookery Course
They have it all and if you try to second guess them, watch out! 
Wouldn’t it be nice if you could give them something that is a little bit different but you could enjoy the benefits from too? 
Most men enjoy food, some men are real foodies and may also be great and competent cooks. My experience has shown me though that most cooks experiment within their comfort zone. Perhaps they’re great at European cuisine but give cooking Asian food a wide berth or vice versa. Some men don’t cook at all or are very reluctant cooks but what happens when the person who does most of the cooking is ill or working away?

Why not consider buying a ‘cooking experience’ for the man of your life? Whether it’s for a birthday present or for Father’s Day it will be a gift they will be able to enjoy for life and you too will be able to enjoy the delicious food they will be taught to make.

Here are some of the comments from attendees:

“This is my second session with Kathy and I must say that my enjoyment levels have increased. Great feeling of involvement with the hands-on approach. Would recommend the Indian cookery experience to everyone.” Tom Mahon

“A great day, informative, enjoyable and tasty. Came away a better Chef than when I arrived and have more confidence in Chinese cooking. “ Steve Shaw

“Excellent experience. Made the preparation of cooking Chinese food much more approachable.” Craig Decker

More information about the courses available can be found on:

Call me on 0783 423 9964 to book or if you have any questions