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Posted by: Kathy Fitchett Date: September 17, 2014

Help for Coeliac Sufferers


Do you feel cheated that you can’t eat whatever you want? Drained of energy? Bloated, tired and feeling sick? Wondering what to buy and cook for your next meal?  Worried you will feel even worse after you’ve had a meal? Having to watch what you eat all the time and being denied some of those foods you use to love can be so hard.

Worry no more and come on the Coeliac Sufferers Cookery Course- learn to cook GF meals you will be able to eat and enjoy. Stay healthy and alleviate your coeliac symptoms. If you are a Coeliac sufferer or know someone who is please get in touch. Call Kathy on 0783 423 9964.

Baked tart

Imagine tucking into a slice of this GF tart with reduced sugar and fat!