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Posted by: Kathy Fitchett Date: September 10, 2014

University Kitchen Survival Kit

kitchen equipment for university

Going off to University is one of the biggest steps your son or daughter will be taking for their first taste of life away from home. If they are moving into self-catered accommodation you will need to consider what to buy for them. Each university is different, but having read the information sheet sent to my daughter who is going off to Bristol it sounds like only the white goods are being supplied, minus dish washer but will include microwave and oven, toaster and kettle. So how much and what do you buy?

The following are my suggestions:

Need to have:

  1. Set of 3 knives- Sainsbury have a Sabatier set comprising paring knife, vegetable knife and chef’s knife. Currently there is a deal on with 50% off.
  2. Chopping boards- suggest buying two Ikea sell a variety at good prices.
  3. Non -stick sauce pan with lid(3 or 4 litres) very useful for making pasta sauces and stir fries, curries, soups and casseroles. Also recommend a 2 litre and 1 litre sauce pan useful for boiling pasta and eggs. Small frying pan for making omelettes and other egg dishes. Ikea have a great selection of non stick and stainless steel saucepans.
  4. Glass microwaveable jug- useful for measuring ingredients and making scrambled eggs in the microwave. Sainsbury or Tescos sell these.
  5. Crockery and cutlery- I have had various sets collected over many years and have set these aside for my daughter if you have to buy new then firstly I would pop into your local charity shop to see what they have or if time is short Ikea have a great range at good prices.
  6. Non stick cooking utensils- stirring spoon, ladle, spaghetti scoop- Ikea have a good selection.
  7. Oven dish for baking- useful for making lasagne, cottage pie and other oven dishes and also for serving dishes. Recommend Ikea.
  8. Tin opener, vegetable peeler and bottle opener- Ikea, Sainsbury or Tesco.
  9. Tea towels and oven glove- Ikea sell these at reasonable prices.


Nice to have     

  1. Collander- recommend Ikea.
  2. Plastic mixing bowls- recommend Ikea.
  3. Microwaveable rice / vegetable steamer- Kleeneze sell one which is great (for more details of how to buy one go to:

Stain-Free Microwave Rice Cooker & Steamer

£9.99 including vat

PRODUCT CODE 078115-22

  1. Roasting pans- large and small- Sainsbury have a non-stick version able at 50% off at the moment.
  2. Baking sheet- Sainsbury/ Tesco or Ikea sell these at a reasonable price.
  3. Grater- Sainsbury/ Tesco or Ikea sell these at a reasonable price.
  4. Hand blender- these are great for making soups and can be bought from Sainsbury/ Tesco. The 3 in 1 blenders which also have a mini chopper and whisking capability would be my recommendation. I am unable to provide a personal recommendation as I have not tested any of these apart from the Kenwood tri blade which is an excellent addition to any kitchen but too good to buy for university use at £99! Perhaps a Christmas gift idea!


If you have bought the kit and are worrying about their cooking competence then perhaps you can give them a head start to life away from home with my ‘University Food Survival- cooking with confidence course’.  More details are available on the following link:

If you have any questions I’d love to hear from you.