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Posted by: Kathy Fitchett Date: February 12, 2016

Beating the Winter Blues!

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Imagine beautiful blue skies and gentle breezes with the sun beating down. Just the thought makes me feel better already. Winter can be such a dreary, energy sapping time of the year but it is possible to lift the blues by changing your eating habits. During the festive period we have all over indulged, it’s hard not too! This extra weight makes us less happy with ourselves physically but by making a few small changes to your eating habit not only can you lose few extra pounds you have gained you can also give yourself a boost mentally.

Here are a few tips I have employed myself which l have found helpful:

  1. Cutting back on consuming bread and carbs in general- instead of a slice of toast for breakfast I have switched to muesli and a chopped banana. This is a great source of fibre and keeps me full for longer. For lunch- out has gone the ‘sandwich’ and in its place a home-made soup which has a lentil rather than a potato base. Providing more protein, nutrients and fibre. Very often I bulk it up by adding barley which provides a lovely texture and makes it even more filling. Dinner is fish or chicken and I try to cook vegetarian 2 to 3 meals a week too. I have increased the serving size of vegetables and reduced the serving size of rice or potato and avoid pasta altogether.
  2. Don’t deny yourself anything you desire! If you carve something sweet allow yourself to have it but make sure it really works for you. I do encourage you to have 1 or 2 squares of dark chocolate but not a whole bar. You are less likely to ‘go crazy’ if you can have a small amount that to deny yourself completely.
  3. Whole roasted almonds are a great and healthy snack if you need to pick at something in between meals.
  4. Drink plenty of water with a slice of lemon, it gives a slight flavour which is more interesting than just plain water along with a wealth of health benefits – helps to reduce inflammation, aids digestion, helps you lose weight, cleanses your system, improves your skin, boosts your immune system, is good for your heart health, boosts your energy and helps fight infections