Thousand Nights (Moroccan)

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MoroccanThe Thousand Nights Moroccan cooking course will introduce you to a unique combination of spices and herbs, with nuts and fruits, of both the fresh and dried variety. This blend of the aromatic and sweet is something to behold and once you have been introduced to it, I am confident it will become a favoured style of cooking in your home as it will please both young and old alike.

You will be shown how to:

  • Make a light and refreshing salad which can be simply embellished to become a more substantial meal , the versatility of this dish means it can be used as a standalone dish or as an accompaniment.
  • Make a healthier version of these dishes- all my recipes have been refined using minimal fat, sugar and salt.
  • Plan ahead and make some of the recipes ahead of time (to give you more flexibility).
  • Use different cooking tools and containers to achieve a similar outcome for producing a ‘tagine’.
  • Use short cuts and tips to make preparing and cooking the recipes easier and faster.
  • Cook perfect couscous simply- no more lumps and clumps and tasteless couscous to offer your dinner guests
  • Introduce new ingredients to the recipes to add extra flavour, colour and texture

The Menu

Starter Course (ANY 1 ITEM LISTED BELOW):

  • Fattoush salad.
  • Fruit and nut meat kofta.

Main courses (Choose one Tagine)

  • Vegetarian Tagine
  • Chicken and pear Tagine with green beans
  • Chicken Tagine with preserved lemon and olives
  • Lamb and apricot Tagine


  • Couscous with roasted peppers, onions and flaked almonds


  • Frangipane tart

Demo and Eating Experience:

This experience is a demonstration of selected dishes for between 6 to 24 people. Prices start at £55 per head for a group of 6 (mid-week price). Prices will vary depending on group size, menu items and date selected.

Hands on and Eating Experience:

This experience is available for groups between 2 to 6 people. Prices start at £140 per head for a minimum of 2 people for a mid-week experience. Prices will vary depending on group size, menu items and date selected.


Carol Jones
I would consider myself a confident cook but I have picked up several tips which I shall try at home especially the couscous and salad which I can adapt myself. Very enjoyable and relaxing day out.
Jacqui Valentine
I have learnt lots of little tips and hints along the way. The passion and enthusiasm for the whole experience and teaching was wonderful. I would and will happily recommend this experience.

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