Chef on Call

Food Fiend Experience offers a ‘Chef on Call’ service, where we will come to your home or your selected venue and help ensure your special event takes place without a hitch. Chef Kathy has a professional background in Event Management so will be able to provide you with Project Management services for your event as well if required.

How We can help:

    • Discuss and agree themes and menus
    • Take away all the planning and project management to ensure you have a hassle free experience
    • Arrange hire of crockery and cutlery, furniture and accessories if required
    • With any print material required
    • Table design and decorations using both flowers and/ or candles if required

All we need to know are numbers and what your preferences are.

Chef on Call options available

  • Option 1: Chef shops, cooks and serves
  • Option 2: Client shops, chef cooks and serves
  • Option 3: Client shops, chef prepares, client cooks and serves
  • Option 4: Chef shops and prepares in her own kitchen and then delivers partially completed meal to client to finish off and serve
  • Option 5: Full project management for the event as well as the provision of the food

Please send me an email to discuss your requirements using the contact form