Terms and Conditions

1. Confirmation of your booking 
Your place on your selected course is guaranteed once payment has been received in full. You will be sent an email confirming your place.

2. Cancellation 
If you need to cancel your attendance on a course you need to give 6 weeks notice. No refund will be given but you will be able to re- book on another course or someone else can be substituted in your place but Food Fiend Experience will need to be advised. In the event of a course being cancelled by The Cookery School, you will receive a full refund or a space on another course.

3. Course content
We reserve the right to change the content on any course without prior notification or consultation.

4. Gift vouchers 
These can be used to buy goods or to pay for a course. Gift Vouchers have no expiry date. Gift Vouchers can be transferred. They can be used by someone other than the person who was the original recipient.

To book a course using a Gift Voucher, you will need to telephone Food Fiend Experience on 02393 110030.

After making a booking using a Gift Voucher, the actual voucher must be returned to Food Fiend Experience within four days of making the booking. If it not returned within that time, the booking will be cancelled. Once issued, Gift Vouchers are your responsibility. They are as valuable as book tokens. If a Gift Voucher is lost by you, it cannot be replaced. We cannot redeem lost Gift Vouchers.

5. Special needs and dietary requirements 
Please inform us at the time of booking of if a student has learning difficulties, food allergies or health issues so we are aware of anything which may affect their participation in, or enjoyment of the course/class. Those with nut allergies are advised that nuts and nut products are used by Food Fiend Experience.

6. Health and Safety 
Cooking requires the use of heat and sharp utensils so there is inevitably a risk of accidents. To minimise this, we ask that you dress appropriately for all classes. This especially applies to suitable non-slip and no open toed footwear. We accept no liability for personal injury, or any loss of or damage to personal property. We have a strictly no smoking policy.