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Posted by: Kathy Fitchett Date: June 18, 2015

Food Fiend Networking Supper, 23 July 6.30 pm- relax and make tasty connections  


Love it or hate it, networking is a must if you are in business. Food Fiend Experience aims to make networking more palatable in more ways than you could imagine!

Kathy Fitchett runs her food business from her home in North Hayling and she understands that for networking to be enjoyable and beneficial it needs to be more relaxed. Kathy believes the best connections are made when people can be themselves. Healthy, tasty food in convivial surroundings has proven to be a winning formula for networking.

The very first networking event held in July 2013 had an interesting and unexpected twist at the end with a ‘Rock Choir’ taster session. It was a well received and uplifting experience. For the 23 July event Kathy has joined forces with Nikitas Island Zumba and Julie Weeks to enable attendees to participate in a Zumba session before the meal and Tai Chi to aid digestion afterwards.

Weather permitting the plan is to flow into the garden to enjoy the evening sun and the sounds of nature. Of course you will also be treated to 2 healthy, tasty vegetarian courses which will have Kathy’s own twist!

For more details about the 23 July event click below: