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Posted by: David Date: January 26, 2014

Starting the New Year with The News

The first Food Fiend Networking Event of the new year was a positive and tasty success according to attendees. Among the familiar faces were several new ones and the relaxed and social atmosphere ensured everyone went away having made some new connections and that it was an enjoyable and worthwhile experience.


The lunch theme was Arabic and Kathy Fitchett, host and owner of Food Fiend Experience, chose this as she had recently returned from a trip to Dubai and wanted to share in this memory. The desire to make the main a healthy and ‘light’ option led Kathy to choose dishes that would be low fat and high fibre, vegetarian as well as gluten and diary free (as two of the attendees were gluten and dairy intolerant). The main was an aubergine and chickpea casserole served with Arabic rice and lentils. The dessert was a pear and apple pudding served with a cardamom and cinnamon custard with the alternative of poached pear in red wine.


Emma Judd, Business Editor of The News, Portsmouth, guest speaker, talked about the importance of telling the paper about any business successes, changes and developments. Emma told us, The News does not just cover stories about large companies but also wants to learn about how small companies are growing and making a contribution and making a difference. It was a most enjoyable and light hearted speech made by Emma who then went on to field questions from the floor. Everyone without exception found Emma’s contribution extremely informative and up lifting.

The dessert was enjoyed before all attendees had the opportunity to make a one minute presentation. This was a very engaging networking meeting for all with lots of positive comments and feedback. Many thanks to Emma Judd for her informative presentation and to everyone who attended the event.

Here are comments received from some of the attendees:

 “Thank you for hosting another fabulous networking lunch. Excellent food as always and a great opportunity to meet some new people. “ Jacqui ,The Hypnotherapy Room

 “Fabulous networking event today, Kathy, thank you. Devilishly hard to get motivated this afternoon though!” Karen, Griffin Design

 “Positive, tasty and friendly. Thoroughly enjoyable! Great to meet others and have the chance to meet like-minded, positive people.” Caroline Roberts, Kleeneze

 “I discussed my food intolerances with Kathy before the event and she checked the dishes which she was planning to make would be good for me. She made a separate dessert for me and my colleague as we are both gluten and diary intolerant. The dishes were scrumptious and it was great not to hear the words, ‘I’m sorry we can’t cater for you’ for a change. I found the event very informative and relaxing and truly enjoyed it.” Elsie Kempson, Kleeneze

If you would like to come to the next networking event it is taking place on 13th March, 12 pm to 2 pm. To book your place email: