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Posted by: Kathy Fitchett Date: January 29, 2015

Off to Tasty Start!

The first Food Fiend Networking event with a workshop run by Liz Kelly which took place on the 22 January got off to a tasty start. There were many familiar faces but an equal number of new ones. The workshop which preceded the networking event provided attendees with some insight into how they could improve their business processes. Liz

Liz used a simple everyday process ‘making a cup of tea’ to illustrate how people’s idea of where a process starts and ends can be very different and how when this is applied to a business context where there are multiple processes the impact can be significant. As a company gets larger and employs more staff the need for clear processes is increasingly more important. However, attendees could see that even small new businesses need documented processes to provide important structure and a definitive system of working. When employees are taken on, having these processes in place saves time and confusion.

Liz Kelly of Peak Focus has recently been accredited to provide services under the government growth voucher scheme. Businesses can apply for this matched funding. Attendees found the presentation made by Liz Kelly very helpful as it created an awareness of the importance of understanding and documenting processes.

Many thanks to Liz for an interesting presentation and helping us to see how we can save time and work more efficiently by having processes in place. Following the presentation attendees enjoyed refreshments prior to the main course.

Those who had not previously attended an event at Food Fiend Experience were taken for a tour and learnt about the journey Kathy Fitchett has taken to establish her successful business. Before the lunch was served Kathy explained to attendees what was special and different about the dishes that they would enjoy. The first was an Arabic rice and lentil dish accompanied with an aubergine, cauliflower and chickpea casserole.


After the main course attendees had the opportunity to give a one-minute presentation before informal networking while they enjoyed their baked cheesecake and coffee.
This was a particularly relaxed meeting with much light hearted banter. It was great to see how comfortable and at ease all the attendees were and the feedback was exceptionally positive.

Comments include:
Olivia Barnes- “Feels almost naughty to be here! Very friendly.”

Solveig Store- “Super event, friendly group of interesting people and excellent lunch. An absolute treat! Much more fun and relaxed compared to other networking groups.”

Angela Hughes- “Individual and beautifully unique experience, which is different to other businesses. A genius idea!”

The next Food Fiend Networking event is taking place on 5 March at 6.30 pm. To attend please contact Kathy on 0783 423 9964.