Kathy Fitchett owner and Chef of Food Fiend Experience has diversified her business to include the provision of affordable and practical training for new and small business owners. Kathy’s professional background as an Event Manager and Conference Producer in the financial sector has enabled her to bring her skill set to help small business owners bridge their knowledge gap.

The idea behind YEAST is Kathy’s desire to be a catalyst in the growth and development of all businesses and their owners. The re-branding of the training arm of Kathy’s business to YEAST was the brain child of Carl Lamerton at Fireplough, who are leading specialists in the area of branding.

hampshire yeast program

Many small and new businesses particularly in the early stages of their life, need answers to a host of business related questions and situations which face them on a day to day basis. These training workshops will have a size limit to ensure that everyone who attends has a chance to fully participate.

The range of workshops provided by YEAST will provide a forum in various disciplines to enable participants to ask questions about their specific experience and also hear from successful business owners about the ‘pit falls to avoid’ and the ‘best way to go about doing things’.

Kathy will be working with presenters who have been successful business owners themselves or have many years of experience in the topics on which they are speaking. These speakers will therefore not only be able to ‘Talk the Talk’ they are more importantly able to ‘Walk the Talk’.

If you have any suggestions of a specific workshop would like YEAST to put on please email me at: